Saturday, November 5, 2016

History of the Golf Cart

 Originally made for golfers with disabilities, the first golf carts were introduced in the 1940’s. By the early 50’s they had caught on with the entire golf community as well as retirement communities.
 By 1951 the first mass-produced golf carts were being made. These early electric golf cars made history by being the first electric vehicles that private consumers could buy. This allowed for whole communities, schools, and towns alike to embrace the efficiency of the golf cart as a whole.

 Some small town communities really embraced the golf cart. One of the first was a town called The Villages in Florida, which was a large retirement community with a very extensive golf cart trail system. The golf cart was especially useful in retirement communities, because it was a safe and effective way for the elderly to keep their independence and still be able to get around. Another golf cart enthused town is Peach Tree City in Florida, where golf carts are a major form of transit for the old and young. The local high school even has a student golf cart parking lot.

 While most people prefer the electric golf cart over gas, these vehicles do certain advantages. Electric golf carts are perfect for the golf course or cruising close to home, but when they run out of power you may not be near a place to re-charge. When going further from home, a gas powered golf cart makes much more sense, as you can bring additional gasoline along with you and refuel anytime you want.

 The golf cart is thought to have led on to other types of small transport devices, such as indoor power scooters and NEVs (neighborhood electric vehicles). The low speed capacity, affordability, and easy maintenance of golf carts make them very popular, and who wouldn’t want to play off of that idea?

 Over the years, new technology and interest in design have offered newer and more advanced golf cart models every year. Branching out to include golf carts with 4-wheel drive and utility tires, new golf cart utility vehicles were created. They were made to drive on all sorts of terrain, from movie sets to warehouses to gardening stores.

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